Global Eagle Entertainment




Media & Entertainment

Global Eagle is a leading worldwide provider of inflight entertainment, media content, technology and connectivity solutions to the airline industry. They didn't have any existing solution in place to reduce the operational costs, increase productivity and improve business revenue. They wanted to leverage a cloud-based ERP solution to streamline tracking and monitoring of proposals, quotes, order management & inventory. Also, they were looking to integrate a financial management solution to identify and organize the campaign proposal data.


  • Paper-based processes, limited visibility on the availability of digital screens and inventory units
  • Migrate legacy application to Salesforce considering the limited functionality of the existing system
  • Spreadsheet-based inventory processes made it impossible to integrate financial system alongside campaign proposal data/ Salesforce CRM system
  • Create custom reports and design dashboards to measure the backend activities
  • 50+ airport inventory locations and 200+ inventory units data to be available for all sales rep in real time


  • Ensure a smooth transition to the Salesforce platform with all the relevant data and objects
  • Deploy a robust and comprehensive functionality like SigmaERP to address the primary requirements like planning, scheduling and inventory control
  • SigmaERP made additional use of Salesforce capability to build financial management solution for allocation of budget
  • Create reports and analytics based on the custom data like schedulable jobs to improve the data visibility and streamline the process management


  • Retired legacy application. 38% increment in productivity
  • Real-time visibility of inventory control when creating a campaign proposal to customers by a sales rep
  • Improved management of Inventory units or time-based products for partners
  • Simplified approval process and sales processes