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Media & Entertainment

Global Eagle is a leading worldwide provider of inflight entertainment, media content, technology and connectivity solutions to the airline industry. They didn't have any existing solution in place to reduce the operational costs, increase productivity and improve business revenue. They wanted to leverage a cloud-based ERP solution to streamline tracking and monitoring of proposals, quotes, order management & inventory. Also, they were looking to integrate a financial management solution to identify and organize the campaign proposal data.


The company was looking for a modern cloud-based Solution with sleek & intuitive UI, to address their critical business needs like managing sales pipeline, quote-to-order, and digital inventory management. Broadly they wanted to address the following challenges -

  • Organized and efficient control on business pipeline
  • Seamless management of workflow from Leads to Opportunity to Proposal to Contract management
  • User-friendly interface to create and manage Proposals considering the region and currencies (US/Canada, Europe, and Asia regions)
  • Manage time-based inventories of digital media Assets from their partner networks (primarily airlines)
  • Provide access control and data visibility based on teams and regions
  • Create custom reports and dashboards to effectively monitor their digital inventory
  • Multi-device accessibility for real-time updates and visibility of workflow on and off the field


An integrated Salesforce with SigamERP was implemented with minimal customizations and configuration to meet the core requirements. Below is a brief overview of the solution deployed:

  • Configure Sales Cloud to handle required account/contact and sales pipeline (Lead/Opportunity) management processes
  • Leverage the SigmaERP functionality to manage the time-based inventory of media assets across their partner networks
  • Configure pricing to support an impression-based (CPM) pricing model
  • Configure to customize the standard ‘Opportunity to Quote to Contract’ to meet specific requirements including approval needs, and some UI customizations while creating the proposal in a single page
  • Configure quote templates for faster and more accurate Quotes
  • Leverage Salesforce Report Builder to build daily, weekly & monthly Dashboards around key Sales KPIs
  • Deploy a robust Salesforce security model as per the required visibility controls across teams and regions


  • 360-degree view of Sales pipeline and Inventory, from within a single platform
  • 75% Improvement in quoting accuracy with customized Proposal templates, integrated inventory and required approval controls
  • 30-40% quicker quoting cycles lead to faster closures
  • 3X improvement in User adoption due to intuitive UX, built-in coaching and cross-device accessibility
  • Easier data sharing and effective collaboration between departments and teams